One morning Nate Keller arrives at his job at The Lighting Store, the only job he's ever known, and discovers that Joe, the owner, is months behind on the mortgage and faces foreclosure. The news sends Nate and his co-worker and best friend Sean into a spiral of misguided urgency to save their second home. Adding insult to injury, this fuels Nate's girlfriend, Lauren, to persistently nag him to grow up and leave everything behind to take a corporate job for her father. As the foreclosure looms like a ticking time bomb of failure, a disgruntled former employee and Nate's high school rival, Derek, swoops in and makes a bid on the store to buy it and fire everyone, turning it into an outlet for the local mega-chain Depot Warehouse. With their lives hanging in the balance, a slight glimmer of hope appears in the form of a kind bank loan officer in charge of the case, who is none other than Nate's childhood crush, Julianne. In the ultimate underdog story, Nate and Sean man-up on a series of misadventures of desperation and unrelenting hope to stop change from ruining their lives and friendship. Filled with testosterone-fueled hi-jinks and unrequited love triangles, "Bright Ideas" takes you on a journey to leave change in the dust, and settle down into the familiar, lovable rut we call life.



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